The monk in high heels

by Kodo Nishimura


World-renowned LGBTQIA monk writes about the power of self-love. "You carry within you a special beauty that only you can bring into the world." Kodo Nishimura Kodo Nishimura is a Buddhist monk from a long line of Japanese monks. And he is an LGBTQIA activist as well as an internationally known makeup artist. He spends his life between a monastery in Tokyo and the fashion shows of the world. One day he wears traditional monk robes and the next glittery high heels. He is proud of his Buddhist roots, his sexuality and his passion for fashion and make-up. But it wasn't always that way. Nishimura hid his true self from his teachers and friends for many years. It wasn't until he moved to New York in his mid-20s, where the LGBTQIA community is larger and more open, that he took off his mask and became happy. Back in Japan, he begins his monk training and inspires many people in various media. In his guidebook, he explains how we can stand by ourselves without being ashamed of our sexuality, opinions, dreams and fears. In the process, Nishimura tells how Buddhism helped him find his way. He wants people to understand that the essence of Buddhist teachings is equality. Thanks to practical everyday exercises, meditations and inspiring anecdotes, Nishimura shows a healing path full of harmony and self-love. With an extra preface for the German edition. Hardcover

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