Being all there when a life ends

by Kirsten DeLeo


Paperback, Edition Steinrich "Being All There When a Life Ends" is a handbook for mindful end-of-life care. Based on her decades of experience both in end-of-life care and on her spiritual path as a Buddhist, Kirsten DeLeo conveys in a warm, empathetic way what it takes to compassionately and competently accompany the seriously ill and dying, whether professionally, as a volunteer, or in a private setting. What does it mean to be fully present at the deathbed? What do I say when I can't think of anything to say? How can I help the dying to close unfinished business and find peace? How can I avoid overwhelming myself? How can I deal with the fear of the dying and my own? How can I accompany the dying spiritually? There are many suggestions and inspirations in this book to answer these and other questions. Kirsten DeLeo conveys through her practical suggestions, true-to-life stories from her everyday professional life, and small meditative exercises that it is possible for all of us to be fully there for others. We don't have to be perfect to be helpful.

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