Buddhism for everyday life

by Irmentraud Schlaffer


People looking for an introduction to Buddhism usually find two types of books: those that present the world of ideas and history of Buddhism, and those in which a teacher presents certain aspects of the teachings or explains the formal practice of meditation. Both are useful, but not suitable for every person. Irmentraud Schlaffer chooses an exciting third path. In her book, she shows that we can experience the knowledge and insights of Buddhism directly in everyday life - without meditation cushions and without an excess of abstract theory. Irmentraud Schlaffer makes clear that the Buddha developed his teachings from the observation of everyday life. And she shows us a way to rediscover these teachings in our everyday activities: for example, looking into the empty refrigerator, waiting for a delayed train, or getting through a severe cold. "Buddhism for Everyday Life" frees the teachings of the Buddha from any cultural and ritual exoticism. Through concrete suggestions and questions, the book provides us with a practical and completely non-dogmatic approach to the timeless wisdom of Buddhism. For three decades Irmentraud Schlaffer has been intensively engaged in the study and practice of the Buddha's teachings. She holds a university degree in Tibetology, Indology and Comparative Religion and works, among other things, as a translator of Buddhist literature. Paperback

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