Wall calendar 2024: Himalayas - Where Mountains Touch the Sky


The "Brochure Calendar / Wall Calendar 2024: Himalaya - Where Mountains Touch the Sky" takes you to the impressive heights of the Himalayan mountains month after month. Each page presents breathtaking landscape photographs that capture the majestic beauty of this unique mountain range. Whether snow-capped peaks, picturesque villages or spiritual sites - this calendar invites you to dream and marvel. With a format of 30×30 cm (opened 30×60 cm), it offers enough space to display the magnificent photographs in their full splendor, while at the same time clearly presenting all the important dates of the month. Thanks to the FSC-certified, environmentally friendly paper, you are also helping to protect forests with this calendar. It is complemented by details of international public holidays and the holidays of the world's major religions, making it a useful planning tool for a global audience.

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