I'm off to Tibet

by Stephan Meurisch


On foot and without money to Tibet: the surprising and sympathetic story of a life-changing journey When Stephan Meurisch arrives in Tibet on 31 October 2015, he has covered 13,000 kilometers on foot from Munich in four years. A journey full of ups and downs, full of encounters, full of detours - and without money. Along the way, he got to know foreign cultures and customs. But above all, he learns humility: he has to ask for food or a place to sleep and is dependent on contact with other people and their willingness to help. He has to work with them. Live with them. Sometimes it keeps him where he is. Then he feels the urge to move on. So he travels via Georgia, Iran and India in further stages until he reaches Tibet. Arriving at his destination becomes less and less important. Low-budget travel. This book shows: You can do it too! Stephan Meurisch was not always a sporty long-distance walker. But after completing the Spanish Way of St. James, his hunger for running was awakened and he couldn't get Tibet out of his mind as a new destination. He doesn't want to wait for this trip until the opportunity is favorable and he has enough money. It should be now. He quits his job, breaks up his apartment, packs a rucksack and sets off! A gripping travelogue full of the joys of life that encourages you to leave your comfort zone.

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