Incense stick holder, painted


Beautiful incense holder painted Incense holders are a nice place for the incense ritual, the ash falls on the coaster and can be easily disposed of. Depending on the type of fragrance used, a scent settles in the room, which can have a different effect. Due to the different hole diameters, these incense holders are ideal for burning incense sticks in different designs. In the center, there is a large hole with a metal frame, which is perfect for Tibetan incense sticks. There are another 4 smaller holes in the holder, which can be used for incense sticks with a wooden core. This holder is turned from one piece of wood and then painted. In the middle there is a large hole for thick rolled incense sticks; thanks to the recess, the falling ash can be collected well. Handmade in Nepal Size approx. 7 cm

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