Mandala mindfulness


Come with us on a relaxing coloring journey through the colorful world of mandalas! In the popular coloring book series for adults "Colorful Mandala" dreamlike coloring motifs are waiting to be colored according to your mood. There are no rules. All you need are a few colorful pencils and five minutes of time. Follow your inspiration and draw new strength from it! For all coloring fans: strong themes, imaginative motifs 50 coloring motifs for soothing breaks in everyday life All the basics for coloring: mixing colors correctly with colored pencils, creating color harmony and much more With atmospheric quotes and food for thought Exciting extra: mandala theory and instructions for meditative painting The popular and successful coloring series for everyone who loves to color Just five minutes of time out can work wonders in stressful everyday life. Coloring abstract and figurative motifs is yoga for the brain and the ideal way to calm down and clear your head without much effort.

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