Stages of Meditation. Middle Volume: The Path to Mahamudra

from Kamalashila


Kamalashila: Stages of Meditation. Middle volume: The Way to Mahamudra; dt./tib. When the eminent Chinese master Heshang Moheyan came to Tibet and spread his dissenting doctrine, King Trison Detsen invited the Indian Pandita and Acharya Kamalashila (c. 713-763). At Samye Monastery, under the king's direction, a great dispute arose between the two masters, in which Kamalashila prevailed. Kamalashila stayed in Tibet and taught mainly about the Buddhist view, meditation and the result. This resulted in three texts, all entitled "Bhavana-krama" (Tib.: sgom rim; stages of meditation). This booklet presents the middle volume. Edition Kamalashila Institute. Vol. 1. tib./dt. 85 pp. Kagyu Dharma Publishing House.

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