The energies of life and death

from Ulli Olverdi


  The culture of the Christian Occident is the only one that still largely ignores the reality of subtle, non-measurable energies. These are levels of consciousness that can only be perceived through meditative introspection and elude scientific access. The Buddhist-Tibetan Tantra has brought this knowledge to a high bloom. Against this background, the well-known author Ulli Olvedi unfolds the whole wealth of the subtle energy system and brings us close to its meaning for our life, dreaming and dying. Without exotic vocabulary, she vividly conveys methods of meditative energy work that help us to clarify the relationship to our feelings and dreams, to our sexuality and not least to our dying, and to harmonize it on a new basis of knowledge. In accordance with the old Tibetan wisdom saying that learning to die properly also means learning to live properly, the reader is made increasingly aware that life and death are two sides of the same coin.

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