The woman who found her dreams again

by Julian Hermsen


Hardcover The soul grieves when it misses its destiny. Why do I feel no joy in life? Why do I lack meaning? For years, young Leona has been fighting feelings of anxiety and has lost all courage. In search of inner peace, she travels to a Tibetan monastery. Meeting the wise monk Tenzin Chime makes her rethink her life completely. He teaches her mindfulness, serenity and non-judgmental perception. When he asks her about her deepest desires, Leona realizes: for years she has denied her dream of helping sick children as a doctor in Africa, living according to foreign ideas and letting her soul wither away. But what if her dream wasn't lost after all? Julian Hermsen's inspiring narrative is based on a true story. It is a heart-opening appeal to trust the call of the inner voice and to go one's own way unflinchingly.

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