Buddhist Logic and Quantum Dilemma

von Jayant Burde


About the BookTwo theories, relativity theory and quantum theory shook the very foundation of physic in the 20th century. Of the two, quantum theory reveals a truly mysterious subatomic world with its mind boggling phenomena. For example, such entities as electrons, protons and photons (light particles) display a dual personality. They have to be treated as streams of particles or waves as the occasion demands. This is called matter-wave duality. In Buddhist philosophy scholars have found a doctrine called catuskoti which is astonishingly similar to matter-wave duality. Ostensibly catuskoti as well as matter-wave duality violate the Aristotelian laws of thought. The book analyzer two apparently contradictory parallels: (1) similarity between Buddhist philosophy and scientific thought, and (ii) resemb lance between mystical catuskoti and mysterious matter-wave duality. The book also tries to dispel misconceptions harboured by lay persons about quantum theory.

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