Blessings from our Lamas

Blessing is an important aspect in relation to ritual objects, statues, thangkas and also symbols that are worn. It is about bringing spiritual energy and protection into the respective objects, so that they can develop spiritual support and effect for the meditation practice of each individual. In Kamalashila Institute this blessing is performed by experienced lamas.

The blessing can take different forms. In some cases prayers and mantras are said on the objects, in other cases sacred substances are used. The blessing can also be a formal ceremony performed by the lamas of the institute.

The objects that can be blessed at Kamalashila Institute range from traditional Buddhist objects such as prayer flags, prayer chains (malas) and statues to items such as jewelry and candles. The blessing process can vary depending on the object and purpose, and is performed with great care by our lamas.

The blessing of spiritual objects is solely for spiritual practice and spiritual protection and it unfolds its effect in the consciousness of the user. It increases the appreciation and mindfulness in dealing with the respective object, which is considered a representation of the Buddhist teachings.

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