Discover an exquisite selection of traditional Tibetan shawls in our "Kathaks" category, which are not only a symbol of reverence and respect, but also carry a deep spiritual meaning. Available in plain white or with auspicious symbols in soft yellow, our kathaks are handpicked treasures that enhance any spiritual gesture. Each kathak is finely woven and can end in delicate fringes. Kathaks are used in ritual blessings and ceremonies and are an essential part of Buddhist practices. They carry the good intentions of the giver to the recipient. Whether as a gift for a beloved lama, as part of your meditation routine or as a special element in your home altar - our kathaks are more than just an accessory; they are a bond of connection and spiritual exchange. Be inspired by the simplicity and beauty of our kathaks and integrate them into your spiritual practices to spread blessings and harmony.

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