24 Stabilo colored pencils


All the fun of coloring and drawing with the 24 STABILO color colored pencils in assorted colors The 24 STABILO color colored pencils in assorted colors are great for coloring, drawing or shading and are therefore perfect for pupils or students. The article is suitable for small children, i.e. you can even let the very little ones color with it. Super handling thanks to hexagonal shaft It is crucial for long-lasting drawing fun that the pen shaft is easy to grip. For this reason, it is ergonomically designed with 6 edges. This promotes a relaxed finger position. Due to the conventional width of the shaft, you can sharpen the article with a standard sharpener and even the very youngest children will get on well with it. Best quality for your drawing and painting pleasure Annoying re-sharpening because pieces of lead keep breaking off is now a thing of the past. This product has an extremely stable and break-proof lead, so you don't have to worry about constantly breaking tips.

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