Buddha for office

by Doris Iding


Mindfulness in the workplace Being mindful? How is that supposed to work in view of the permanent overstimulation to which we are exposed by cell phones, the Internet or open-plan offices at work? The increasing workload leads to dissatisfaction, excessive demands and not infrequently even to burnout. This makes it all the more important to cultivate mindfulness in everyday work. This beautifully designed annual companion shows how this can be achieved. It helps to work more mindfully, more relaxed and at the same time more effectively. The 52 exercises from Buddhism are designed in such a way that they can also be carried out in the workplace on a daily basis without requiring a great deal of time. They ensure that we are more mindful in our dealings with ourselves, our colleagues, employees and customers and thus become more satisfied. For each week there is a new exercise, which is combined with a motivating quote and an inspiring photo.

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