Carnelian hand mala bracelet


In warm tones, the carnelian mala bracelet is an expression of energy and joie de vivre. Carnelian, known for its vitalizing properties, comes from culturally rich Nepal and carries a profound spiritual meaning. The bracelet consists of 23 finely polished carnelian beads and an additional main bead. Each bead is approximately 7mm in diameter and reflects light in a vibrant spectrum of orange tones. For the wearer's comfort, the bracelet is fitted with an elastic band, making it easy to adjust to different wrist sizes. Weighing 0.022 kg and measuring 6.8 × 6.8 × 0.7 cm, it is both discreet and noticeable on the wrist. The deep orange of the carnelian, combined with the contrasting red band, makes this mala bracelet a special piece of jewelry. It is perfect for meditation and reflection or simply as a stylish accessory for everyday wear. It embodies both beauty and spiritual meaning, a gift for the soul.

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