Coffin layers


How do we want to say goodbye? When someone important to us dies, we are often not prepared for it. Yet it is certain that we will all lose someone close to us to death in the course of our lives. But is it even possible to prepare for death? Sarah Benz and Katrin Trommler say: Yes, you can! The two women are the creators of the well-known YouTube channel "Sarggeschichten - short films that explain what you can do and organize when death enters your life". Katrin has lost many important people in her life, including her parents, her brother and her daughter. Sarah is a funeral director, grief counselor and emergency chaplain. They address all the important questions about dying and saying goodbye: - How do you care for a deceased person? - Can I lay out a dead person at home? - What can I say when someone has died? - What do grieving children need? - What does a funeral cost? With numerous illustrations, important information and clear instructions, the authors show in a sensitive way what is possible when a person dies and is buried. Is it possible to decorate the inside of a coffin? Do you need an urn? How can you say goodbye from a distance? How do you give the deceased a place in life? The book provides answers to these and many other questions.

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