The empowered master

from Werner Vogd


Carl Auer Systems Publishers, 2019 Heidelberg Paperback , 136 pages A person esteemed and revered by many people - the spiritual leader of a worldwide network of Tibetan Buddhism - is publicly accused of physical and psychological abuse. Explanations are quickly at hand, and moral judgments are not long in coming. But is the relationship between deception and disappointment really that simple? Haven't we also deceived ourselves - ourselves and others? On the basis of conversations with students of Sogyal Rinpoche and active members of the Rigpa community founded by him, Werner Vogd reconstructs how sisht and actions mutually stabilize and condition each other. The described phenomena can be observed in principle everywhere where people come together to achieve something that points beyond themselves - in the liberal cult business as well as in hierarchically managed organizations. Werner Vogd's exemplary analysis helps to recognize the patterns and dynamics and to actively confront them.  

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