Every lotus has a beautiful heart - Ajahn Brahm

from Ajahn Brahm


"Every Lotus Has a Beautiful Heart" by Ajahn Brahm offers a profound introduction to the practice of meditation, based on the wisdom and experience of a renowned Buddhist master. The book serves as a guide for those who want to explore the transformative power of meditation, whether as a beginner or as someone who wants to deepen their practice. The title of the book, "Every Lotus Has a Beautiful Heart", refers to the idea that despite the muddy environment in which the lotus grows, the flower itself remains pure and untouched. This could be seen as a metaphor for the human experience, where despite the challenges and difficulties we face, we still have the ability to find inner peace and clarity. Ajahn Brahm, known for his easy-to-understand yet profound instructions, covers both the basics of meditation and more advanced techniques in this book. He gives advice on how to deal with obstacles that may arise during meditation and how to achieve a deeper awareness of the present moment, stillness of thought and ultimately liberation from worries and attachments. The book not only emphasizes the theoretical aspects of meditation, but also offers practical instructions and tips that can be easily integrated into everyday life. The clear and simple presentation makes it a valuable resource book for anyone in search of inner peace, clarity and strength.

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