Dharma mysticism

from Ani Karma Tsultrim


Many people in the West today are searching for something of true, lasting value, something that somehow seems to have been lost and that we cannot find on the outside. More and more spiritual seekers today are turning to Eastern wisdom teachings and mysticism, which is currently experiencing a renaissance. It is an inherent longing that awakens at some point and allows the search for truth to begin consciously. True religiosity or spirituality is this inner desire to "come home". It is the path taken by mystics of all traditions. It is a path beyond religious dogmas, concepts and philosophies. This book is intended to help interested people and spiritual practitioners to find and deepen their path. The rishis, the great seers of India, and the sublime sages, from whose teachings the various religions have emerged, as well as the mystics who followed them, have shown us how to do it and explained the way. This book reveals the full depth of Indian mysticism in the teachings of the Buddha and in Advaita Vedanta. Parallels with Christian mysticism reveal the universality of these teachings, which can thus be regarded as the essence of all religions. The book is like a compendium for following such an inner path and realizing it within ourselves. It can provide many valuable suggestions, especially for practitioners of the Buddhist and Advaita traditions. At the same time, the meditations and contemplations are like a bridge between our Western and Eastern spiritual cultures. It can also dispel many prejudices on both sides.

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