Life of a student traveler, today: Nepal, Tibet

from Volker Rapp


"You take a lot of pictures...""Yes, I haven't reached my tourist nirvana yet!"Study trips are not at all dry as dust, because the much-traveled Volker Rapp always reports on his trips to the roof of the world with a smile on his face. The multi-instrumentalist has already taken unusual and unique paths with his concert events, so the combination of book with music and pictures on an optional CD, published by a single author in the German-speaking world, is a first. The first travelogue about Nepal-Tibet offers precise views and insights into the experience of a tourist interested in the country, its people and religion. Always in the knowledge that we can still experience the luxury of these experiences and enlightenments in the First World. Traveling to other countries is not only a way of seeing and photographically preserving, but also a way of looking inwards. The blank spots and challenges on the map have almost all been erased, so it is important to consciously perceive the expeditions that vacations from everyday life offer, and embark on a special kind of border crossing on the roof of the world.

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