Mala bracelet from yolk stone


The elegant mala bracelet made of yolk stone enchants with its warm yellow and brown tones. Traditionally known as prayer beads in many spiritual traditions, this mala bracelet not only serves meditative purposes, but is also a stylish accessory. The beads of the bracelet have a diameter of approx. 0.8 cm and are perfectly coordinated. A special highlight of the bracelet is the pendant in the shape of the "flower of life", a symbol that is considered sacred in many cultures and stands for protection, harmony and perfection. The bracelet is stretchy and fits slim to medium wrists perfectly. With an inner diameter of approx. 5.5 cm and an unstretched inner circumference of approx. 17 cm, it is comfortable to wear. An ideal gift for yourself or a loved one to add a stylish touch while carrying a piece of spirituality with you.

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