Jasper mala bracelet


The mala bracelet made of jasper and turquoise impresses with its unique color combination of brown and light blue. Mala bracelets are traditionally known as prayer beads in many spiritual traditions. They are not only used to recite mantras or prayers, but are also a fashion accessory. In medicine, jasper is said to have a balancing effect on body, mind and soul. It can have a therapeutic supportive effect and stabilize the immune system. According to ancient traditions, jasper can protect against illness, purify the spirit, mind and heart and has a positive effect on various organs. Its harmonizing effect during pregnancy is particularly noteworthy. The bracelet is made with beads measuring approx. 8 mm in diameter and is stretchy, ideal for medium to narrow wrists. With an inner diameter of approx. 5.5 cm and an unstretched inner circumference of approx. 17 cm, it fits comfortably around the wrist. A stylish and meaningful piece of jewelry for any occasion.

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