Mantras. The great practice book

by Marcus Schmieke, Sacinanda Swami


Mantras are words of power. Their recitation can free our consciousness from disturbing influences. Although mantras were used in all ancient cultures, India is considered to be the place where the recitation of mantras was brought to its highest flowering. In this book, Marcus Schmieke, who himself lived as a monk in India, presents more than a hundred authentic mantras and shows how to use them practically. The spectrum of the described areas of application is large. Thus there are: Mantras for spiritual development Mantras for better health Mantras for wealth Mantras for protection Mantras for knowledge and study Mantras for better partnership and relationships Mantras for strengthening the horoscope. On the accompanying audio CD all mantras of this book are recited by the South Indian Brahmin Kunjabihari Dasa. With their help, one learns the correct pronunciation of the mantras. Since they are recited by an experienced practitioner, even the recordings have a special power. Thus, just listening to the CD can have a spiritual-therapeutic effect. In addition, the author sings two mantras on this CD, accompanied by traditional instruments.

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