Comfort Travel" yoga bench made of beech, 19 cm high


The "Comfort Travel" beech yoga bench is the perfect travel companion for anyone who doesn't want to give up their meditation practice while on the move. With its 45 x 17 cm seat made of solid beech hardwood, it offers comfort and stability. The height of 19 cm and the straight seat with indented sides and rounded front edges support an upright spine posture and provide a pleasant sitting experience. A special feature of this yoga bench is its foldable construction, which makes it easy to transport and store. Manufactured in joineries of recognized workshops for the disabled, this bench stands for the highest quality and traditional craftsmanship. Each edge is rounded on all sides and the surfaces are finely sanded, demonstrating the attention to detail in the manufacturing process. With a weight of approx. 1.85 kg, it is also light and practical. The wooden surface is deliberately left untreated to emphasize the naturalness of the material. This product therefore combines functionality with traditional design and will quickly become an indispensable companion on any journey.

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