On four paws to enlightenment - Gary Heads

from Gary Heads


In "On Four Paws to Enlightenment", author Gary Heads takes us on a unique and humorous journey through the eyes of a little spaniel. This curious dog, puzzled and intrigued by his master's strange meditation sessions, decides to uncover the mystery behind this practice. He unexpectedly stumbles into the profound and mysterious world of Buddhism. But this sense of adventure is not limited to the little spaniel. His equally clever half-sister joins him, and together they explore what mindfulness has to do with carrots and how meditation can calm even the most restless dog. With a mixture of curiosity and enthusiasm, they also learn about the transformative power of loving compassion - even towards cats! Gary Heads manages to present Buddhist concepts and practices in a playful and accessible way. He uses the dog's perspective to convey deep spiritual truths in a charming and entertaining way. The book is not only a tribute to the bond between humans and their furry friends, but also a light and inspiring introduction to the basics of Buddhism.

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