Street Zen

from David Schneider


The biography of an unconventional Buddhist teacher from the wild early years of Zen in the West. "Issan Dorsey was as unusual as the Zen masters of old. But he was appreciated not centuries after his death, but during his lifetime, perhaps because he loved life in all its facets, including death." Bernard Glassman Roshi (author and Zen master) "The life story of Issan Dorsey makes it impressively clear that Zen is not just the pure and spiritual part of life, but the whole of life with all its many facets and aspects. There is hardly a book that extracts the essence of Zen so clearly: Zen is simply everything." Christa Spannbauer (freelance journalist and author) "This crazy and moving life story is encouraging: it's never too late to wake up late to wake up, find yourself and be there for others." Doris Dörrie (director and writer)

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