The monk who sold his Ferrari

by Robin Sharma


Translated by: Bernardin Schellenberger The world-renowned parable about the secret of happiness from bestselling author Robin Sharma - about the touching story of the monk who sold his Ferrari. He collapsed in the middle of a packed courtroom. He was one of the country's most outstanding lawyers. He was known as much for the sinfully expensive Italian suits that adorned his massive body as for his remarkable string of courtroom victories. And now this collapse. The great Julian Mantle had abruptly slumped to a helpless being, shaking, quivering, writhing on the floor like a small child. After the severe heart attack, the star lawyer Julian Mantle separates from his hard-earned luxury life. Instead of returning to his old life after a cure, he sets off on a journey to the Himalayas to face the basic questions of life in a monastery. There, a group of monks teaches him the secret of happiness: to cultivate his mind through self-discipline, to put his dreams into practice, and to savor the fullness of life every day. In such a simple way, Robin Sharma makes clear in his spiritual novel what really counts in life.

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