The precious garland for the highest way

from Djetsün Gampopa


In this small guidebook for spiritual practice, the famous Buddhist master Gampopa (Tibet, 1079-1153) summarizes the essence of his experience. His concise mnemonics are a garland of true jewels, brilliant in their clarity and simplicity. He begins with advice on basic contemplation that transforms our view of things, then continues with instructions on meditation into the vision of the nature of mind, and opens us to an understanding of the awakened activity that results from it. His advice allows us to avoid misconceptions on the path and stimulates a sense of the subtleties of spiritual practice. The sentences invite us to pause and reflect - and with each new reading a deeper understanding is revealed, a little bit more of the treasure of these teachings. Translated from the Tibetan Lama Tilmann Lhündrup Borghardt Paperback 104 pages 18,4 x 13,4 cm ISBN: 978-3-944885-02-5

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