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colorado mesa university gpa requirements Colorado Mesa University GPA Requirements
what is compass real estate company Compass Real Estate Company
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is surrogacy legal in ny Surrogacy Legal in NY
what happens when a contract is broken Contract Breach Consequences
railroad rules Railroad Rules
legibility requirements for food labels Food Label Legibility
application form for visa extension Visa Extension Application Form
is pepper spray legal in new york state Pepper Spray Legal in NY
how to start a law firm in california Starting a Law Firm in California

Yo yo, listen up, it's time for some legal advice

From Colorado Mesa University to what happens when contracts are sliced

Let's talk about that GPA requirement

For admission and all that jazz, it's not for the faint

Compass Real Estate Company, what's the deal?

Let me tell you, they're the real deal, they keep it real

Non-Disclosure Agreements, are they enforceable?

Well, you better believe it, they're ironclad, they're unbreakable

Surrogacy in NY, is it legal, you ask?

Well, let me lay it down for you, it's quite the task

When a contract is broken, what happens next?

Legal consequences, my friend, be ready, be vexed

Railroad rules, they're no joke, you better comply

Food label legibility, don't mess around, don't be sly

Visa extension application, how do you do it?

Pepper spray in NY, is it legal? Well, you better know it

And for all you lawyers out there, looking to start a firm in Cali

Here's a step-by-step guide, don't be shy, don't be dally

So there you have it, legal advice in a rap

From Colorado to New York, no need for a map

Remember these words, and you'll be just fine

Now go out there and conquer, it's your time to shine