Ask the Buddha

by Jack Kornfield


This is one of the most important books written about meditation, about the process of inner transformation and the integration of spiritual practice into our daily lives. With "Ask the Buddha and Walk the Path of the Heart," psychologist and meditation teacher Jack Kornfield became known in the German-speaking world in 1995, and it remains a treasure trove and an important companion for anyone embarking on a spiritual quest. The first part is about the foundation of a spiritual life: about mindfulness practice and meditation, about the difficulties that can arise in the process, and about dealing with our shadow issues. In the second part, Jack Kornfield shows how we can integrate this practice into our lives, addressing compassion, detachment strategies, and dealing with spiritual teachers. Finally, in part three, he invites us to develop wisdom and compassion and to live our lives with ease and joy. This spiritual classic touches our hearts and shows what we can encounter when we engage in stillness and the present moment. It is a valuable companion in many phases of life to experience insight, clarity and healing.

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