The way of the white clouds


There are now countless publications on Tibet - but no other book comes close to Lama Govinda's autobiographical masterpiece. It not only revives the old Tibet, which was partly destroyed by the Chinese. destroyed by the Chinese, but above all it opens up an unbiased view of the Tibetan mystical mystical tradition and the spiritual greatness of its outstanding lamas. As a disciple of the legendary Tomo Geshe Rimpoche, Lama Govinda is initiated into the esoteric tradition of Tibet. tradition of Tibet and, with the blessing of his master, is able to visit the hidden mystical places of Tibet. Apart from Alexandra David-Neel, no westerner has been able to gather such first-hand knowledge about Tibet as the great German-born Buddhist. The essence of this work, however, extends far beyond Tibetan Buddhism. Lama

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