Cooking like a Buddha

by Susanne Seethaler


Arrive Now. Based on the author's many years of experience as a leader of mindfulness cooking courses, common mindfulness exercises and meditations related to healthy cooking and enjoyment are presented and practiced in a playful way. The 35 vegan and vegetarian recipes are organized by breakfast, appetizers, main courses, desserts, and breads and cakes. They captivate with originality, enable healthy eating and make kneading dough or peeling a carrot a delightful experience. The conscious preparation of food has a long tradition in Buddhism and it is not for nothing that in Zen monasteries the kitchen chef is one of the most valued men, who treats the food and also the kitchen utensils with the utmost care. With "Cooking like a Buddha", the passionate gourmet cook Susanne Seethaler makes mindfulness in the kitchen a natural experience and combines the exercises and recipes with touching and humorous stories from the Zen kitchens of the world. Hardcover

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