Enchanted forest & dwarf power: fantasy journeys and meditations for children

by Dirk Grosser, Jennie Appel


Illustrated and revised new edition of the bestseller "You are never alone" with two new meditations and an integrated CD with five guided fantasy journeys. Walking on dream paths, climbing to Castle Krähenhall with the mountain goat, meeting dragons and wise turtles, or getting to know Grandmother Moon, the guardian of feelings: Jennie Appel and Dirk Grosser have a wonderful way of taking children on fantasy journeys to places where they can experience security and strength, surrender their fears to the earth gnomes and have the opportunity to find their inner self. Parents and caregivers can use these empathetic stories to create periods of calm together, even in a demanding everyday life, and gently guide children into their inner selves so that they can find their own way with strength, self-confidence and trust.

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