Buddha for pragmatists

by Micheline Rampe


Traditional Buddha teachings and the results of the latest scientific studies on brain research - Micheline Rampe brings the two together in "Buddha for Pragmatists". The author explains the six paramitas or perfections or virtues from the Tibetan tradition in detail and provides numerous practical exercises to help you internalize what you have read and apply it in everyday life. Meditation and mindfulness are at the center of the explanations and exercises, because "these central techniques change the brain sustainably, and the training effect is not only effective for the time of meditation, but also continues in everyday life: through more emotional balance, generosity and kindness - and through more joie de vivre." In addition, we also find a number of instructions that we can apply in everyday life without much preparation and with little time investment, in order to become more mindful and aware. It is exciting that the Buddha teachings are scientifically underpinned and that the scientific path of knowledge and the Buddhist path of experience lead to comparable results. The book is generally understandable, easy to read, you don't need any previous knowledge and you don't have to belong to the Tibetan or any other tradition to familiarize yourself with the content and be able to practice it.

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