Meditation cushion red with knots


Beautiful red yoga cushion with high quality embroidery in black. This round cushion is embroidered with the motif of "endless knot". The endless knot symbolizes a spiritual path. In Nepal and Tibet it is one of the eight Buddhist symbols of luck. It symbolizes eternal life, endless love, harmony and happiness. In a figurative sense, this means that in the encounter with others, just in the mutual give and take, a tremendous power is unfolded, without even being aware of what is given and received. Features of the Meditation Cushion 15cm, Knot Embroidery Black Round meditation cushion with cotton twill cover and embroidery "Infinite Knot of Love". Buckwheat husk filling, with separate ticking, without border on the handle loop, zipper all around. Color: cover wine red, knot black, washable at 30°C. Weight approx. 2.3 kg.

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