Wild Wise Forest. Mindful messages that strengthen children's souls. Card set: Find courage & self-confidence, feel love & security: fantasy stories & relaxation journeys for children


The popular motifs and wisdom of the well-known fantasy journeys finally available as a card set! From the green and lively depths of the forest, they all bring important messages for children's souls: the wise eagle owl, the grateful dwarf, the bear-strong bear, the not-so-fearful rabbit, the little wild boar who loves jumping in mud puddles, and many other characters that children have gotten to know in recent years through the soul journeys of Jennie Appel and Dirk Grosser. In contrast to the World Wide Web, which increasingly binds children's attention (and often paralyzes it), the successful author duo sets the Wild Wise Forest, whose magical inhabitants encourage imagination, a thirst for adventure and discovery as well as a wide, compassionate heart. They all convey courage, security, strength and balance to the children in short, empathetic texts on the cards - qualities that the longer texts in the accompanying book pick up on once again, expand on and formulate as messages spoken directly to the child by the forest creatures. The focus is always on warm-hearted words that strengthen children's confidence in their very special abilities, their belief in themselves and their connection to their inner self. Who is this lovingly designed set of cards suitable for? -Parents, grandparents, children's yoga teachers, educators and other caregivers can playfully discover these qualities with children and give them a wonderful message from the wild forest to take with them into the play worlds of their day or into the dreams of their night. -Children's yoga teachers who are looking for meditations for children and want to integrate a playful final relaxation into their yoga classes. Children listen to the beloved (and still unknown) forest creatures - and the words go straight to the heart, take root there and grow into wonderful inspirations that stay with the children for a long time.

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