Shantideva. Living in the Spirit of Enlightenment

from Shantideva


NEW EDITION, 2023, paperback. The importance of SHANTIDEVA's work "Bodhisattvacharyavatara" (or "Bodhicharyavatara") can "... hardly be overstated in the cultural and contemporary historical context of Indian literature. It became one of the most important texts of Mahayana literature, which was and is of the utmost importance for practicing Buddhists. It can be said that among all the religious writings in Mahayana Buddhist lore that outline the path of a bodhisattva's development, Shantideva's Life in the Spirit of Enlightenment and Nagarjuna's Precious Wreath are the two basic texts." *1) His Holiness the Dalai Lama said, "Shantideva wrote his text in the form of an inner dialogue. He pointed his own weapons at himself and struggled with his negative emotions. So when we teach or listen to this text, it is important that we do so in order to progress spiritually, rather than simply making it the subject of academic study." *1) The first German translation of the "Bodhisattvacharyavatara" from Tibetan was published by Theseus Verlag in 2004, translated by Jobst Koss, who later served for some time on His Holiness the XVII Karmapa's team of translators. Since Shantideva's work is still ascribed the highest importance in all four Tibetan Buddhist schools today and is repeatedly used as the basis of teachings by Buddhist teachers, Kagyü Dharma Verlag has decided to publish a new edition with minor changes. May this book provide readers with an understanding of compassion and the path of a bodhisattva, and be a stimulus for deeper practice.

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